Saturday, 24 August 2013

House Hunt - I

Often when we’re asleep, the tensions and commotion of life fade away from our brain and it takes us to delightful journey across the hidden treasures of our sub conscious. The beauty of these treasures is heavenly, if they happen to portray the pleasant side, and so magnetic that we start contemplating their possible happenings in the awakened world. And for few, dreams do come true. Today, mankind is proud of such dreamers that transformed their dreams to reality for the betterment of the world.

Also, there is another kind of dream that takes us through a roller coaster ride of anxiety and fear, and we often end up screaming loudly in dream but wake up to a pin drop silence with beads of sweat on our forehead. That’s called nightmare, and like the former, they too come true.

It was July 6, 2013 when I got a call from my broker who had helped me get a flat in the vicinity, as I was to vacate my place on completion of the term of rent agreement. Me and my flat mate had thoroughly analyzed the available options and finally chosen a place for which we completed the pre-possession formalities well in advance. We were to shift on 8th, and all things were set in place when we received a call that taught us an important lesson of our lives.

As the voice on the other side told that we could not move into our new apartment, for bachelors were henceforth banned in that housing society, we certainly foresaw the troubles that were lying ahead. With 36 hours at our disposal, we were supposed to find a new place in Mumbai, when a sizeable amount of our money was in the hands of this fellow who could not keep his words even after we had paid him the token amount. We flipped through our contact list, called our friends and after 12 hours had arranged a temporary accommodation that was supposed to house us for a month, after which we were move to our final place.

(To be continued….)

P.S.: “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.”