Monday, 30 July 2012

Transition !!!

It was a cloudy morning; rains had just kissed Bhopal and I was suppose to  board Karnataka Sampark Kranti, which indeed was all set to bring Kranti in my life. I had booked a waitlisted ticket for myself and papa, that after series of jugaads (in English, that’s innovation) got converted into Reservation Against Cancellation or simply RAC and W/L 001. And we were to share our half berth between three of us, yes our third member almost twice our weights occupied a lot of space, nearly that of 5 huge bags. Interestingly, those bags were packed over a period of 4 days of which first three and half days amounted to at most 5% packing. The train was set to depart at 1616 hrs and after rushing through that remaining 95% of packing, we were at Bhopal railway station well on time.

After 4 years, it was again that same moment when I was all set for a new place but all my being still unwilling to leave Bhopal. Yes, it’s this place Bhopal-the very special place in my life. Last time it was Gwalior and now it is Bangalore- one of the most dazzling places on this globe. The clouds were pouring heavily; and amidst the noise of rain, train and people, I got on board. With no confirmed tickets, the journey seemed tough, although it never turned out that way.

And after 27 hours, moving across 4 states, we were at Bengaluru (or Bangalore), and next morning I joined my first job. The joining formalities went long till 7 in the evening and then I shifted into allotted accommodation. The next day, was formal inauguration, in which I, along with 150 more trainees, plunged into the corporate world.

Since my inception into the company, I wanted to write this blog to mark my first day at job, but tight schedules, tasks, evaluations, etc never made it possible. But today, when I have received my first salary, I am not gonna miss this chance to make this inaugural blog mark yet another important day. 

The time from joining to receiving first salary flew like the shooting star’s span and now every morning seems like too eager to turn up, shrinking reverie to minimal. But amidst all these schedules, tasks and assessments, the truth lies in this subtlety, that being busy is just the matter of priorities, and nothing else. We always have time for those who matter, and interestingly, we are actually very much aware of this fact.